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Greek-Bulgarian diplomatic relations, which date back to 1880, are excellent, and have been developing constantly on an upward course in all sectors, particularly since Bulgaria joined NATO (March 2004) and the EU (2007). At the Greek Embassy in Sofia, there is a Consular Bureau, a Commercial Affairs Section, a Press Office, a Defence Attaché Office and a Police Liaison Office. There is also a Consulate General in Plovdiv.

Political Relations

The excellent relations between Greece and Bulgaria have been upgraded qualitatively through regular exchanges of high-level political visits. Greece and Bulgaria are partners and allies in the EU and NATO, respectively, and collaborate harmoniously in regional initiatives, including the SEECP, the Regional Co-operation Council (RCC) and BSEC. Trilateral Greek-Bulgarian-Romanian Co-operation is a noteworthy form of cooperation on the regional level. Greece was among the countries that fervently and substantially supported Bulgaria’s accession to NATO and the EU. Our country also supports Bulgaria’s application to join the Schengen Area.

At a bilateral level, we co-operate closely on political, economic and energy issues. A Greek-Bulgarian High-Level Cooperation Council has also been established under the auspices of the two Prime Ministers. To this day, three meetings have already taken place within this framework (on the 27.7.2010, the 17.12.2012, and the 1.8.2016).

Economic Relations

For information on bilateral economic relations, you can visit the AGORA internet portal.

Office E.C.A. Sofia

Cultural Relations and Greek Community

In the sector of educational relations and culture, the “Hellenic Educational Association of Sofia” is active in Bulgaria, as are the associations of Greek-Bulgarian Friendship (Federation of Greek-Bulgarian Black Sea Associations), the “Federation of Cultural and Educational Associations of Sarakatsani of Bulgaria”, cultural associations (Association of Neohellenists of Bulgaria (Kostis Palamas”, “Friends of Stefan Getsef”, the Bulgarian chapter of the “International Society of Friends of Nikos Kazantakis”).

There are some 28,500 persons of Greek origin and citizenship residing in Bulgaria. This number includes approximately 15,000 Sarakatsani, 2,500 former political refugees, 8,000 “old Greeks”, 2,000 university students and 1,000 professionals and their families.

Useful Information

Click here for information regarding the visa requirements for Greek citizens who want to travel to Bulgaria.

Click here for information regarding visa requirements for citizens of Bulgaria who want to travel to Greece.

Bulgaria-Contact details of Greek Missions

Embassy in Sofia

Address : 33, San Stefano Sofia 1504
Tel. : (003592) 9461030 , 9434096, 9433453
Fax : (003592) 9461249
Emergency phone: 00359 8 94488478
E-mail :
Web Site :

Ambassador: Grigorios Vasilokonstantakis

Consular office in Sofia

Address : 103, Evlogi Georgiev str., 1504 Sofia
Tel. : (003592) 9691753, 9691755, 9691758 
Fax : (003592) 9461772
E-mail :  
Web Site :

Head: Spyridon Kritikos

Commercial Section in Sofia

Address : 103, Evlogi Georgiev str., 1504 Sofia Bulgaria
Tel. : (003592) 9447959, 9447790
Fax : (003592) 9505375
E-mail :
Web site:

Head: Koutsodimos Georgios