Friday, 27 May 2016
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Greece is represented in Namibia via parallel accreditation of its Embassy in Pretoria. Namibia maintains an Honorary Consulate in Athens, and the Namibian Ambassador to London has parallel accreditation in Athens.

Political Relations

Greek-Namibian relations are very good. Greece provides development assistance to Namibia and in the past, it has granted military scholarships to members of the Namibian armed forces. 

Very few Greeks reside in Namibia and there is no organised Greek community in the country.

Useful Information

Click here for information regarding the visa requirements for Greek citizens who want to travel to Namimbia.

Click here for information regarding visa requirements for citizens of Namimbia who want to travel to Greece.

Namimbia- Contact details for Greek Missions

Competent Authority: Greek Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa

Honorary Consulate Walvis Bay

Tel :

Honorary Consul: Savvas Savva