Wednesday, 17 January 2018
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Economic Diplomacy Portal

Economic Diplomacy Portal The Secretariat General for International Economic Relations has created in 2007 the web portal AGORA (  in an  effort to further support the extrovert sectors  of the Greek economy.
Through  AGORA, 55 Economic and  Commercial Offices of the Ministry of  Foreign Affairs  active in 50 countries, provide information useful to Greek enterprises  assisting their efforts to export their products and services to foreign markets.
B1 directorate is responsible for the coordination and evaluation of the work of  the Economic and Commercial Offices abroad as well as for the operation of the portal AGORA

What AGORA offers to the Greek business community :
1.    Overview of the economic situation of 50 countries.
2.    Information for the institutional legal framework.
3.    Business Guides.
4.    Statistical data on foreign trade
5.    News focused on business including country profile.
6.    Market researches for selected products.
7.    Sectoral studies.
8.    Updated and personalized information including business environment and trade fairs
9.    Information for the attraction on foreign investments to Greece.
10. Information on Conventions, Conferences and other business related events
11. Newsletter with over 2500 registered recipients
12. Updated information for the network of importers and distributors in specific countries.
13. Tenders or requests for business cooperation-according to the product or service or the country of interest.

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