Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Permanent Representative

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Welcome to the site of the Permanent Mission of Greece to the United Nations and other International Organizations in Switzerland

As one of the founding Members of the United Nations, Greece has been an active participant in intergovernmental fora for the promotion and enhancement of the United Nations’ purposes and principles.

The role of our mission is to represent Greece’s national interests in the United Nations’ system in Geneva as well as in all the other International Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations and relevant stakeholders represented in Geneva, thus contributing to strengthening international cooperation and mutual understanding in multilateral negotiations.

Our work extends to a wide range of issues covering the full spectrum of UN’s primary objectives from promotion and protection of human rights, refugees’ protection, humanitarian assistance and disarmament to trade issues, environmental concerns and sustainable development.

By establishing close relationships and communications with the United Nations and other interrelated international organizations, national delegations and non-governmental organizations, we strongly reaffirm our commitment to mutual understanding, consensus building and peaceful settlement of disputes as a means for promoting international peace and security in a multilateral environment.

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