Sunday, 20 April 2014
Permanent Mission of Greece in Geneva

International Labour Conference: Greece assumes Vice Presidency in view of upcoming ILO

Monday, 20 January 2014

The Western Group of ILO unanimously adopted today the candidature of Ambassador Alexis Alexandris, for the position of Vice President (government) of the 2014 session of the International Labor Conference.

In his follow up statement, after thanking the group for supporting his candidature, Ambassador Alexandris mentioned, inter alia, that one of the top priorities of the Greek Presidency of the European Union is unemployment and especially youth unemployment, an issue which is also at the heart of ILO’s work. Furthermore, he noted that Greecehas a close cooperation with the Organization on a number of projects and will vigorously support the work of the ILO also in what concerns the reform of ILO and its better functioning. He reiterated that he will strive for transparency and accountability throughout the Conference with a view to reach a better understanding among parties in close consultation with governments and especially those of the Western Group.

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