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"Τeaching together the sense of solidarity"

Foreign Minister Kotzias’ speech at the dinner he hosted in honor of the Primates and in view of the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church (Crete, 16.06.2016)

Hellenic Festival: Greece’s Summer Spectacle

For the past 56 summers, people from all over the world have been flooding Athens and Epidaurus to experience one of the greatest celebrations of artistic performance in the world, the “Athens and Epidaurus Festival”...

Foreign Policy

Press conference at the conclusion of the Quadrilateral Meeting of Greece, Albania, Bulgaria and FYROM, in Thessaloniki, on cross-border cooperation (22 April 2016)

Foreign Minister Kotzias’ interview on Alpha 98.9 Radio, with journalist Gianna Papadakou

JOURNALIST: Good afternoon, Mr. Kotzias.N. KOTZIAS: Good afternoon, and you find me in Athens.JOURNALIST: You didn’t leave after all. Tell me what happened …N. KOTZIAS: We boarded the plane, taxied and were waiting to take off. The attack in Istanbul happened. We were flying to Istanbul to catch a flight...

Foreign Minister Kotzias’ statements to journalists following today’s working luncheon of EU Foreign Ministers (Warsaw, 27 June 2016)

N. KOTZIAS: Today we had a meeting of 11 EU member states to discuss the future of the European Union and the Brexit.There were certainly differing views. What we stressed, for our part, is the need to foster the unity of the European Union and, first and foremost, its social...

Fact Sheet: The Refugee / Migration Crisis and Greece

With over 1 million refugees / migrants having arrived via the Turkish coast in Greece since 2015, our country is one of the EU countries most affected by the ongoing crisis. This...

Eleni Antoniadou: A Young Greek Scientist of Global Caliber

Eleni Antoniadou is the recipient of the Sciacca “Science 2016” International Award. That’s another yet award for the Greek scientist, who has repeatedly received recognition for...

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