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Permanent Mission of Greece to the United Nations

The Permanent Representative


son of Angelos
Born 26 March, 1953
in Athens, Greece

1975: Graduated from the Faculty of Law and Economics, Aristoteleion University, Thessaloniki

2009 – 2013: Ambassador to the Russian Federation
2008: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Director General for Administrative, Personnel and Financial Affairs
2006: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Head of Personnel
2005: Ambassador of Greece to Israel
2003: Promoted to Minister Plenipotentiary First Class
2000: Ambassador of Greece to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia/Serbia
and Montenegro
2000: Promoted to Minister Plenipotentiary
1999: Director for South Eastern Europe (A3 Directorate), Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1996: Minister - Counsellor, Embassy of Greece in London
1993: Promoted to First Counsellor of Embassy
1993: Charge d' Affaires a.i. at the Embassy of Greece in Belgrade, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
1992: Head of the Greek Delegation in the European Community Monitoring Mission, Zagreb
1991: Deputy Spokesman, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1991: Promoted to Second Counsellor of Embassy
1986: Promoted to First Secretary of Embassy
1985: At the Permanent Mission of Greece to the International
Organizations, Geneva
1984: Promoted to Second Secretary of Embassy
1981: At the Embassy of Greece in Algiers
1981: Promoted to Third Secretary of Embassy
1979: Attaché, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

- Grand Commander of the Order of Phoenix (Greece)
- Orden jugoslovenske zvezde, prvog stepena (Serbia and Montenegro)

English, French, German, Serbian

Married, father of one daughter

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