utorak, 25 jul 2017
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Joint statements of Foreign Minister N. Kotzias and the First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Serbia, I. Dačić, following their meeting (Athens, 10 July 2017)

Rhodes Security and Stability Conference Joint Communiqué

...The participants addressed a broad spectrum of important issues in the Eastern Mediterranean, which due to their transnational nature, call for the joint action of regional actors...

Rhodes Conference for Security and Stability 2017 (May 22-23)

Dealing with the current problems of the wider region of the Eastern Mediterranean and creating a positive agenda for cooperation among the participants...

Athens Declaration on the establishment of the Ancient Civilizations Forum

...They agreed to establish the Ancient Civilisations Forum with the participation of the following countries: Bolivia, China, Egypt, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Italy, and Peru, as a platform for dialogue and cultural cooperation among the participating States...

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