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Area of Justice, Freedom and Security

Greece and the Stockholm Programme

Greece played an active and constructive role in the efforts to reach an agreement on the Stockholm Programme's text. Particular mention should made of the explicit reference that “the EU faces an increasing pressure from illegal migration flows and particularly the Member States at its external borders, including at its Southern borders” and to a “European migration policy, based on solidarity and responsibility.” Of particular importance are the provisions that invite FRONTEX to consider establishing regional and/or specialized offices, to set up a mechanism for sharing responsibility between the Member States in the field of asylum, and that invite the Commission to finalize its study on the feasibility of joint processing of asylum applications. References are also included on taking measures in favour of legal migration whilst preserving member states’ competencies. Special reference is made to the cooperation between the EU and Turkey, which should focus on joint responsibility, solidarity and cooperation with all Member States, taking into account the EU’s existing financial assistance in relevant areas, including border control. Concluding the negotiations on the readmission agreement with Turkey is pointed to as a priority: “until then, already existing bilateral agreements should be adequately implemented.”

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