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1. The person who authorizes must be sound of mind and of legal age.

2. Those who wish to give an authorization must do it in person before the Consular employee,  providing at the same time documents which establish beyond any doubt their identity  (name, surname, place and date of birth, name of the father and mother).

3. The full name (father's and mother's names included) and the address of the person to whom authorization is given, are also required. 

4. The text of the authorization may either be completed at the Consulate or have been previously prepared by the applicant. Please note that the applicant must sign the authorization document before the Consular officer in charge, who will then certify the authenticity of his/her signature.

Permanent Resident Abroad Certificates

Applicants for a Permanent Resident Abroad Certificate must show proof of permanent residency in Canada, that is, that they are living (for at least 185 days per year) and working in Canada.

Certificate of Permanent Residency for Taxation Purposes

1) Application (provided by the Consulate General)

2) Canadian Income Tax Returns for the last six years (Τ1 &Τ4  or  Τ1&Τ4P - Τ4R for the pensioner and Notice of Assessment).

3) Valid Greek or Canadian passport, or Greek Identity Card

4) Utility bills for the last six years (hydro, Bell, etc.)

5) Residential lease documents or property taxes for the last six years

6) Certificate of employment from a company established in Canada or the Canadian Public Sector

7) Statement of Contribution from Canada Pension Plan

Note: For the issuance of the Certificate of Permanent Residency for banking purposes, the same documents as above are required, but for the last two years.

Certificate for Receiving Pension

1) The applicant must apply in person at the Consulate General of Greece

2) Greek or Canadian passport, or Greek Identity Card.

Copies of the above will be retained in the applicant's file. The use of information contained in these documents is governed by Greek Law No. 2472/1997 on the Protection of Personal Data.

For more information please contact  the Consulate

Household Effects Certificates

1. Greek nationals or foreigners who have their 'usual residence' abroad and wish to settle permanently in Greece may import their household effects to Greece free of duties and taxes.

2. Tax and importation duties exemptions are granted on the basis of the "Household Effects Certificate". This Certificate is issued by the Greek Consular Authorities.

3. Applicants for the Household Effects Certificate must meet the following criteria:

  • They must have their 'usual residence' abroad (in this case in Canada) for at least two (2) years prior to applying for a Household Effects Certificate. According to Greek Law, 'usual residence' is the place where one resides for at least 185 days per year and to which he/she has personal or professional ties. Applicants will be asked by Greek Consular Authorities to provide proof establishing that they have their usual residence in Canada (see below par. 8 ).
  • Applicants must be holders of a valid passport (Canadian or Greek).

4. Individuals who already are in Greece (for vacation/studies/employment etc.) and are eligible to settle permanently in Greece, may also apply for the "Household Effects Certificate", under the following conditions : (Canadian or Greek).

  • The Certificate has to be issued by the Greek Consular Authority nearest to the applicant's usual residence abroad (in this case Canada), within 24 months from the date of the applicant's arrival to Greece.
  • The applicant must have resided abroad (in this case Canada) for at least two consecutive years (24 months) before his/her arrival to Greece.

5. According to Greek law, the following goods are considered to be "Household Effects" :

  • Personal items such as clothing, furniture, electrical appliances (one of every kind), personal computers, air conditioning units, carpets (up to 40m2), bicycles.
  • A car for non-commercial use (All kinds of cars, i.e. sedans, vans, SUVs, which can seat up to 9 passengers).
  • A motorcycle or motorbike
  • A trailer
  • A recreation boat
  • A plane (for non-commercial use)

6. As far as "duty-free" importation of cars from Canada is concerned, please note:

a) Applicants are entitled to full exemption from the classification fees for vehicles under 2000cc and 50% excemption for vehicles over 2000cc and they do not pay the Value Added Tax (VAT or ΦΠΑ) for the car they already own at the moment of their application, on the following conditions:

  • That they own and operate the car for at least 6 months prior to the date they apply. The ownership should be plainly established for this six-month period by the permit (plate portion) certificate. The vehicle can be purchased and have been cleared through customs even after the move to Greece for a period of one year only if the vehicle has been purchased outside of Greece.
  • That the purchase of the car was made in the applicant's name, or in the name of a spouse or child who will also be settling permanently in Greece. If the applicant has inherited the car any time prior to his/her application date, the six-month term of par. A does not apply.  

7. The Household Effects Certificate is issued only once per family. Individuals who are issued such a certificate lose their status of "permanent resident abroad" and those of Greek nationality are erased from the Consular Register of Greeks Residing Permanently abroad. Under specific conditions, a person may apply a second time for a "Supplementary Household Effects Certificate", in order to import, duty-free, household items, that were not included in the first certificate. The specific conditions to be met are:

  • The applicant must have resided in Greece, after he/she was issued the first certificate, for at least 12 months and then he/she must have left the country.
  • The applicant must have resided outside of Greece for the last 24 months prior to the application. During this two year period he/she should not have stayed in Greece for more than 90 days per year.
  • The applicant must have a valid (Greek or Canadian) passport.

8.  Persons who apply for a "Household Effects Certificate", must provide material evidence establishing that they usually reside in Canada. Any of the following documents are accepted for this purpose:

  • Income Tax Returns or Notice of Assessment for the past two years.
  • Property Tax Receipts or home lease for the past two years.
  • Letter/proof of employment for the past two years.
  • Rent payment receipts or bank checks issued for payment of rent for the past two years.
  • 2 Utility bills (i.e. gas, phone, hydro, cable etc) for the past two years.
  • All the passports (expired and valid ones) of all the family members resettling in Greece, from their initial settlement in Canada until now.
  • Driving license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration (if an automobile or other transportation vehicle is to be included in the household items).

For more information please contact Consulate
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