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European Union Film Festival 2015

Thursday, 05 February 2015

European Union Film Festival 2015

This year's European Union Film Festival will take place from 27 February until 13 March 2015, presented by the Office of the European Union to Hong Kong and Macao and the Consulates General of EU member states in association with Broadway Cinematheque.

The films presented have been sourced by 16 European countries. The Greek contribution is “Little England” (Mikra Anglia) by Pandelis Voulgaris.


Monday, March 2 at 7:20pm @Palace ifc
Saturday, March 7 at 7:25pm @Broadway Cinematheque

In 1930s Andros, a Greek Cycladic island rich in maritime tradition, 20-year-old Orsa Saltaferou (Penelope Tsilika) is passionately in love with sailor Spyros Maltabes (Andreas Konstantinou). Reserved Orsa does not reveal her secret to anyone, not even to her younger sister Moscha (Sofia Kokkali). A free spirit and full of dreams, Moscha wants to leave the island and escape the dictates of local tradition: women marrying sailors and spending their lives in loneliness, in homes often struck by grief when husbands and fathers perish at sea. The girls’ mother, Mina (Anneza Papadopoulou), the methodical and shrewd wife of captain Savvas Saltaferos (Vassilis Vassilakis), who prefers the Atlántico Sur from his home, is truly at the helm of the family in his absence. Her own tough life has convinced her that love brings trouble and pain. Her priority is to marry off her daughters to wealthy husbands, so she turns down Spyros’ marriage proposal for Orsa, as he comes from a humble background. Orsa is devastated but succumbs to her mother’s wishes and marries Nikos Vatokouzis (Maximos Moumouris), a captain and ship owner. After several years, Spyros returns to the island as an accomplished captain with excellent prospects: Mina decides that he is now eligible to marry Moscha. After the wedding, the two couples share the same house: the ground floor for Orsa’s family and the first floor for Moscha’s. The thin wooden floorboards allow the sounds of everyday life to drip from the floor above to the one below. In the wake of World War II, suppressed feelings are rekindled and cruel games of fate reveal secrets, leading to devastation.

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