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Shipping Affairs

Merchant Marine AffairsThe competent authorities on shipping matters are the Ministry of Shipping and the Aegean (former Ministry of Mercantile Shipping Tel: 210 4191263 – Fax: 210 4170823), the domestic and foreign Port Authorities, and Maritime Attache Posts.

Maritime Affairs

The Foreign Ministry contacts agencies responsible for Maritime Affairs in specific cases:

• Upon receiving relevant notification, the E3 Directorate informs the Foreign Ministry’s Missions Abroad so that they may assist Greek merchant mariners and see to their rescue in case of shipwreck.

• Via the Foreign Ministry’s Foreign Service Missions, the E3 Directorate sees to the repatriation of stranded Greek merchant mariners, in collaboration with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Islands and Fisheries.

• The Foreign Service’s Consular Authorities are responsible for validating merchant mariners’ documents.

• The Foreign Service’s Missions, in cooperation with the Ministry’s E3 Directorate, see to the transportation of the remains of deceased Greek merchant mariners.

• In the case of an accident or shipwreck involving vessels sailing under the Greek flag or within the jurisdiction of the Greek Authorities, the Foreign Ministry’s E3 Directorate notifies foreign Diplomatic and Consular Authorities in Greece regarding merchant mariners from their countries serving on said vessels.

• The E3 Directorate forwards requests from Greek authorities to the competent authorities of foreign states in cases, for example, of notices of seizure and auction of vessels.

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