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Greece maintains an Embassy in Santiago since 1992 and an Honorary Consulate in Antofagasta. For its part, Chile maintains an Embassy in Athens and Honorary Consulates in Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Crete and Kalamata.

Political Relations

The bitter experience of dictatorship endured in swift succession first by Greece and subsequently by Chile  brought the two peoples closer to one another, inter alia through the poems of Pablo Neruda, which were set to music by Mikis Theodorakis. Now, despite the great geographical distance separating Greece from Chile, the two countries maintain strong ties based on their commonly shared values and principles, a fact that is reflected in their similar views on important international issues.

On a multilateral level, there is considerable cooperation between the two countries within various international organisations, especially the United Nations, also through mutual support for each other’s candidacies. .

Following the devastating earthquake that hit Chile on 27 February 2010, Greece provided healthcare assistance worth €200,000 (equipment and hospital infrastructure).

Cultural Relations and Greek Community

There is a very energetic, albeit small Greek community in Chile, numbering some 1,500 people. Despite the great distance separating them from their homeland, the Greeks of Chile maintain their emotional ties with Greece and participate actively in the local community. The Greek community is organised in eight associations each for a particular city, and in 2006 the Federation of Greek Communities in Chile was set up. Chile is under the remit of the Greek Orthodox Metropolitanate of South America, seated in Buenos Aires.

There are a number of Hellenic Studies Centers in Chile, including the Center for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies at the University of Santiago, the Center for Hellenic Studies of the University of Playa Ancha, in Valparaiso, and the Center for Classical Studies at Metropolitana University, Santiago.

Useful Information

Click here for information regarding the visa requirements for Greek citizens who want to travel to Chile.

Click here for information regarding visa requirements for citizens of Chile who want to travel to Greece.

Chile- Contact details of Greek Missions

Embassy in Santiago

Address : Jorge VI 306, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile (P.O.Box 7580079)
Tel. : (00562) 2127900
Fax : 2128048
Emergency Tel: +56999740099
E-mail : ,
Web Site :


Consular Office in Santiago

Address : Jorge VI 306, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile (P.O.Box 7580079)
Tel. : (00562) 2127900
Fax : 2128048
E-mail : ,

Head: Nikolaos Bagdouti

Honorary Consulate in Antofagasta

Address : General Velasquez 1131, Antofagasta, Chile
Tel. :  +565 52789162

Honorary Consul : Anestis-Dimitrios Papasideris-Ochoa

Honorary Consulate Valparaiso

Address : Arlegui 263, of. 302, Viña del Mar
Tel/Fax: (005632) 2687460

Honorary Consul : Alex Eduardo Guerra Sclavos