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Greece maintains an Embassy in Baghdad and Iraq is represented in Greece by its Embassy in Athens. With the Presidential Decree 55/2016, dated 13.5.2016, a Greek General Consulate was founded in Erbil. Greece already has in Erbil an Office for Economic and Commercial Affairs.

Political Relations

Bilateral relations between Greece and Iraq are excellent. Greece supports all international initiatives that aim at maintaining the independence, unity, national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq, within the framework of the relevant UN resolutions. Greece participates in the international community’s efforts to help Iraq return to normality and supports all EU initiatives that seek to assist Iraq.

Greece and Iraq cooperate harmoniously on international issues and intensify their efforts in order to further developbilateral cooperation on all sectors, putting emphasis on shipping, construction, repair and management of ports, mining and transport of energy resources. At the same time, the two sides intend to upgrade their cultural ties throughi.a. cooperation of Universities, scholarships, maintenance of cultural heritage.

The most recent visit paid in the framework of bilateral consultations, has been the one of Political Director of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Mavroidisin Baghdad, 10-11.11.15. During this visit, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the two countries in the field of sports.

Economic Relations

For information on bilateral economic relations, you can visit the AGORA internet portal.

Office E.C.A. in Erbil

Useful Information

Click here for information regarding the visa requirements for Greek citizens who want to travel to Iraq.

Click here for information regarding visa requirements for citizens of Iraq who want to travel to Greece.

Iraq-Contact details for Greek Missions

Embassy in Baghdad

Address : Iraq, Baghdad, Al-Mansour, Section 609, Street 4, House 2 
Tel. : (00964) 7801372165, 7722609949, 7903642046
Fax : +30 2103681717
E-mail :

Head of Mission: Leonidas Kontovounisios

Consular Office

Address: Iraq, Baghdad, Al-Mansour, Section 609, Street 4, House 2
Tel. : (00964) 7801372165, 7722609949
Fax : +30 2103681717
E-mail :

Head: Aristeidis Strimpakos

Commercial Section Erbil

Address: Iraq, Erbil, Naz City, Bldg. I, 10th floor. apt#43
Tel. : (00964) 7706408848
E-mail :

Head: Stavros Stavrakos