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There is Embassy level representation in Athens and Luxembourg.

Political Relations

Relations between the two countries are very good. They are determined to a great extent by their participation in the EU.

Cultural Relations and Greek Community

Greek-Luxembourg educational relations are regulated by the Educational Agreement of 1990, which is implemented through three-year Educational Programmes.

The 2000-strong Greek community in Luxembourg consists almost entirely of functionaries in European organs and an increasing number of personnel working for Greek businesses.

Greece is one of the most popular tourism destinations for citizens of Luxembourg, who travel to Corfu, Rhodes and Kos via special LUXAIR charter flights. About 30,000 Luxembourgian tourists visit Greece each year.

The Orthodox Church in Luxembourg is the Holy Metropolitan of Belgium, Netherlands – Luxembourg, which is very active.

Useful Information

Click here for information regarding the visa requirements for Greek citizens who want to travel to Luxembourg.

Click here for information regarding visa requirements for citizens of Luxembourg who want to travel to Greece.

Luxembourg -Contact details for Greek Missions

Embassy in Luxembourg

Address : 27 rue Marie-Adélaïde, L-2128 Luxembourg
Tel. : (+352) 44 51 93
Fax : (+352) 45 01 64
E-mail :
Web Site:
Working Hours: Mon - Fri, 08:30-16:30

Head of Mission: Ambassador Louis-Alkiviadis Abatis

Consular Office

Address: 27 rue Marie-Adélaïde, L-2128 Luxembourg
Tel: (+352) 44 51 93
Fax:(+352) 45 01 64
Emergency tel: (+352) 621 40 30 80
Working Hours: Mon - Fri, 09:30-14:00

Head of Office: Maria Nitti