Friday, 19 April 2019
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Greece’s Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, has parallel accreditation to the Union of Myanmar. Correspondingly, the Myanmar Embassy in Rome has parallel accreditation to our country. In consular matters, our country is represented by the German Embassy in Yangon.

Political Relations

The geographical distance separating Greece from Burma, the policy of isolationism pursued by the Burmese regime since 1962, the country’s low level of economic development, and limits imposed by the UN and the EU on political and diplomatic relations have in the past not provided suitable conditions for the development of political ties between our country and the Union of Myanmar.

Since 2011, however, when the Myanmar government moved ahead with bold political reforms, the country has rapidly developed its political relations with western states. At the same time, Greece has supported the tightening of EU-Myanmar relations.

Useful Information

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Myanmar -Contact details of Greek Missions

Competent Authority: Greek Embassy in Bankgkok, Thailand