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Greece and Poland established diplomatic relations in 1919, and exchanged Ambassadors in 1922. Greece has an Embassy in Warsaw, and Poland maintains an Embassy in Athens.

Political Relations

Greek-Polish relations are very good. The two countries are partners in the EU and allies in NATO.

Economic Relations

For information on bilateral economic relations, you can visit the AGORA internet portal.

Office in E.C.A. in Warsaw

Cultural Relations and Greek Community

The Greek Polish community is approximately 3,000 strong, with half living in the city of Wroclaw in south east Poland. The two countries collaborate closely in the culture sector, within the framework of scientific exchange programmes and through scholarships from both sides.

There are Hellenic Studies chairs at the Universities of Warsaw and Poznan. Ancient Greek is taught at all 11 Polish state universities. Modern Greek classes are also available at Polish universities.

Useful Information

Click here for information regarding the visa requirements for Greek citizens who want to travel to Poland.

Click here for information regarding visa requirements for citizens of Poland who want to travel to Greece.

Poland -Contact details for Greek Missions

Embassy in Warsaw

Address : Ul.Gornoslaska 35, 00-432 Warszawa
Tel. : (+4822) 6229460-1
Fax : 6229464
Emergency Tel: +48 600 576 854
E-mail :
Web Site :

Ambassador: Evaggelos Tsaousis

Consular Office in Warsaw

Address : Ul.Gornoslaska 35/00-432 Warszawa
Tel. : (+4822) 6229462 
Fax : 6229464
E-mail :
Web Site :

Head of Consular Section: Eleni Karanika-Skiada

Commercial Section in Warsaw

Address : 35, Gornoslaska Street 00-432 Warszawa
Τel.: (+4822) 6229460, 6229461, 6229466
Fax: (+4822) 6229464
E-mail :
Web Site:

Head : Nicholas Christodoulidis, Counsellor for Economics and Commercial Affairs