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Diplomatic relations between the two countries date back to 1880. Greece maintains an Embassy, Consular Bureau, Defence Attaché Office and Commercial Affairs Section, Defence Attaché Office, Press Office and Greek National Tourism Office in Bucharest. Romania has an Embassy in Athens and a Consulate General in Thessaloniki.

Political Relations

Greek-Romanian relations are at an excellent level, pertaining to the fact that the two countries are partners and allies in the EU and NATO, respectively. Greece and Romania collaborate closely on the bilateral and European level, as well as in the framework of regional organizations and initiatives, including the South East European Cooperation Process (SEECP), the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), and the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC).

Regarding the refugee crisis, Romania expresses her support to Greece through her participation in the Frontex mission.

Trilateral Greek-Bulgarian-Romanian Cooperation is a noteworthy form of cooperation on the regional level.

Greece was among the countries that fervently and substantially supported Romania’s accession to NATO and the EU.

Our country also supports Romania’s application for membership in the Schengen Area.

Economic Relations

For information on bilateral economic relations, you can visit the AGORA internet portal.

Office in E.C.A. in Bucharest

Cultural Relations and Greek Community

The Greek Romanian community numbers some 10,000, and there are many Greeks working in established Greek enterprises in Romania.

Useful Information

Click here for information regarding the visa requirements for Greek citizens who want to travel to Romania.

Click here for information regarding visa requirements for citizens of Romania who want to travel to Greece.

Romania-Contact details for Greek Missions

Embassy in Bucharest

Address : 1-3, Pache Protopopescu, Sector 2, Bucharest
Tel. : (004021) 2094170-4
Fax : (004021) 2094175
E-mail :   
Web Site :

Head of Mission : V. Papadopoulos

Consular Office in Bucharest

Address : Ferdinand Ι Boulevard  Nr. 4-6, Sector 2, Bucharest
Tel. : (004021) 2094190-1-2
Fax : (004021) 2094193
Emergency phone: (only for cases of loss or theft of travel documents and for cases of death, injury, disappearance or arrest of a Greek citizen) 0040 - 766 714976
For your better service, please address to the Consular Office by mail and submit your questions.
E-mail :
Office Hours for the Public: Monday - Friday 09:30 - 13:30
Call centre schedule: Monday-Friday 09:30 - 11:30 & 13:30-15:30
For our consular services, please arrange an appointment.
No appointment is needed for legalisation of a signature, acts of authorisation, acts of solemn declaration, transporting of deceased for burial service and ratification of hospitalisation documents.
For more detailed information, please visit our website:

For visas:

For other consular services:

The last working day of every month, the Consular Office is not open to the public, due to auditing works.  

Head of the Consular Office : Athanasia Nikolaropoulou, Administrative Secretary

Commercial Section in Bucharest

Address : 1-3, Pache Protopopescu, Sector 2, Bucharest
Tel. : (004021) 2100748   2115724 
Fax : (004021) 2119893
E-mail :
Web Site

Head: Aristotelis Xenakis - Counsellor for Economic and Commercial Affairs