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Greek-Russian diplomatic relations were established 185 years ago. Apart from our Embassy in Moscow, our diplomatic representation in Russia includes Consulates General in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, as well as in Novorossiysk, a region with a significant presence of Russian citizens of Greek origin. The Russian Federation maintains an Embassy in Athens and a Consulate General in Thessaloniki.

Political Relations

Greece is linked to Russia by strong historical ties of friendship based on shared spiritual and cultural values.

Contacts between the two countries are frequent and include reciprocal visits of the ministerial and political leadership. The most recent visits of Russian officials to Greece were those of the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavrov (October 2013), Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu (December 2013), and Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksey Meshkov (November 2014).

There is a Joint Interministerial Committee between the two countries on issues of economic, industrial, scientific and technological cooperation. The Greek-Russian JIC last convened in 2013 and a new meeting is being pursued for 2015.

There are also broad prospects for cooperation in the cultural sector, and by joint decision of the two sides, 2016 will be a ‘Year of Greece’ in Russia and a ‘Year of Russia’ in Greece.

Economic Relations

For information on bilateral economic relations, you can visit the AGORA internet portal.

Office E.C.A. Moscow

Cultural Relations and Greek Community

An additional important factor contributing to the development of the relations between the two countries is the historical presence in the Russian Federation of a significant number of Russian citizens of Greek origin, who reside mainly in the southern Russian periphery, on the Black Sea.

The Greek language is taught at a number of Russian universities, including at the Byzantine and Modern Greek Philosophy Department of the Lomosonov Moscow State University, the Modern Greek Department of the Moscow State Pedagogical University, the Greek Literature Department of Kuban State University, and the chair of Philology of Petrozavodsk State University, in Saint Petersburg.

Useful Information

Click here for information regarding the visa requirements for Greek citizens who want to travel to Russia.

Click here for information regarding visa requirements for citizens of Russia who want to travel to Greece.

Russia -Contact details for Greek Missions

Embassy in Moscow

Address : Leontyevskiy pereulok, 4 Moscow, 125009
Tel. : (007495) 5392940, 5392941
Fax : (007495) 5392950
Emergency Tel: (007916) 2574907
E-mail :
Web Site:

Head of Mission:

Commercial Section in Moscow

Address : Leontyevskiy pereulok, 4 Moscow, 125009
Tel. : 00-7-495-5392970
Fax : 00-7-495-5392974
E-mail :
Web Site

Head: Athanasios Karapetsas

Consulate General in St. Petersburg

Address : 17, Chernyshevskogo Prospect, 191123, St. Petersburg
Tel. : (007812) 3343586  
Fax : (007812) 2728747
Emergency Tel: 0079219425934
Web Site:

Consul General : Spyridon Voulgaris

Consulate General in Moscow

Address : Spiridonovka 14, Moscow 123001
Tel. : (007495) 5393840  
Fax : (007495)  5393850
Emergency Tel: (007916) 2574907
E-mail : 
Web site:

Consul General : Eleni Vakali

Consulate General in Novorossisk

Address : Mira 13, 353900 Novorossisk
Tel. : (0078617) 646452, 646485
Fax :  (0078617) 646435
Emergency Tel: (007) 9883445947
E-mail :  
Web Site:

Consul General: Stylianos Gavriil

Honorary Consulate in Kaliningrad

Address : Ul. Ogariova building 33, Kaliningrad 236010, Russian Federation
Tel./ Fax: (0074012) 916027
E-mail :

Honorary Consul : Dr Vladimir Ivanovich Scherbakov