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Translation Service

The task of the Translation Service is to validly translate public and private documents. Foreign public documents are only translated if such documents bear the Apostille stamp for countries that are parties to the Hague Convention, ratified by Greece by Law 1497/1984 (Government Gazette 188A). In all other cases, documents must be validated by the Greek consular authority in the country of origin of the document or by such country’s consular authority in Greece and then by the Validation Department of the Service Center for Citizens and Greeks Living Abroad (KEPPA) established within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Validation Office established within the Thessaloniki International Relations Service (Y.DI.S) (Dioikitirio).

As regards documents issued by Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Peru, Tunisia and Uzbekistan, countries for which Greece has expressed reservations in connection with their accession to the Hague Convention and for as long such reservations are still valid, documents can only be validated by the competent Greek Consular Authority. For states that are not parties to the Hague Convention, validation by a Greek Consular Authority is also required.

If the document is from a foreign Diplomatic or Consular Authority in Greece, it needs to be validated by the Validation Department of the Greek Foreign Ministry’s Service Center for Citizens and Greeks Living Abroad (KEPPA) in Athens, or the Validation Office established at the International Relations Service (Y.DI.S) in Thessaloniki, except in cases where the document is exempt from validation obligations due to bilateral or multilateral agreements to which Greece is a party (e.g., London Convention).

As regards Greek public documents to be submitted to foreign authorities, it is necessary that such documents be originals or certified copies. The issuing Authority should inform persons concerned, on the basis of the applicable circulars of the Ministry of Interior, on the legal validation procedure to be followed depending on the country of final destination. In all cases, responsibility for proper validation of Greek documents that are to be sent abroad rests solely with the person requesting a translation.

More particularly, if the Greek public document is to be submitted to a country party to the Hague Convention, such document must be validated by Apostille; if the country of final destination is not party to the Hague Convention (or in case Greece has expressed reservations in connection with this country), such document must be validated by the competent Greek Public Authority (authenticity of the signature of the competent officer) and then by the Validation Department of KEPPA or the Validation Office of the Thessaloniki International Relations Service (Y.DI.S).

Public documents are the documents provided for in the Hague Convention.

Those wishing to submit foreign titles of studies for translation should first be informed on the appropriate validation procedure to be followed by the authority to which they intend to submit such documents, as the validation procedure may vary according to the origin of the documents and the Agency or Service to which such documents are to be submitted.


The Translation Service certifies the authenticity of the translators’ signatures. Translators are solely responsible for the accuracy of the translation.

Translations are stamped and attached to the documents submitted for translation so as to constitute a single set of documents.

All persons intending to submit titles of studies, identity cards, passports or driving licenses for translation are kindly requested to do so using only certified- by the competent authorities- copies of such documents.

The Translation Service offers translation services in the following languages:

Albanian English Hungarian Russian
Arabic Flemish Italian Serbian
Bulgarian French Polish Spanish
Croatian German Portuguese Turkish
Dutch Georgian Romanian Ukrainian

Translation cost
On the basis of decisions no. F093.29/AS1057/26.02.07 of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (Government Gazette 348/B/13.03.07) and F.093.7/AS 5950/2015 (Government Gazette 1976/B/2015), the cost per translation page as well as the categories of documents, as of 19.03.2007, are determined as follows:

Categories of documents and price per target language page

Categories of documents Simple procedure Urgent procedure
A 8,50 € 12,00 €
B 9,50 € 14,00 €
C 14,00 € 20,00 €
D 15,00 € 21,00

Requests submitted by courier
Citizens who are unable to come to the Translation Service can send their documents for translation via a private courier company of their choice, paying the relevant fees and instructing the courier company to submit the documents to a cashier, pay the translation fees, and take the receipt in order to pick up the translated documents on a designated date.

ATTENTION: Those transacting with the Translation Service should present a photo identity card and in  case of a foreign national, citizen a third to the EC country a proof of their legal residency in Greece. ( Law 3386/2005 article 84 paragraph 1) . Those transacting on behalf of a third party, are asked to provide relevant legal authorization when submitting and picking up documents.


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