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Foreign Minister N. Kotzias' statement to journalists (Geneva, 13 January 2017)

Friday, 13 January 2017

N. KOTZIAS: We are in an ongoing negotiation and fight for a just solution to the Cyprus problem. A just solution to the Cyprus problem means, above all, elimination of its causes; that is, the occupation and the presence of occupying forces and the existence of the system of guarantees that was flagrantly violated.

We want a solution that is just and not unsound. As you know, we had agreed with all the parties and with the UN that the negotiation process will be open ended; that is, that it will not end if it is interrupted.

On this basis, we agreed for the negotiations to continue in the form of talks between experts, and more specifically, on the part of the Foreign Ministry, with a delegation headed by the Ministry's Secretary General. The negotiations will resume next week, and when conditions have matured, they will take the form of an interministerial, with the participation of other representatives.

We are satisfied with that, for the first time in the history of the Cyprus problem the issues of guarantees and security have been clearly set. I should explain to you that we averted an attempt to engineer the failure of the conference.

JOURNALIST: President Erdogan just made a statement regarding Greece's stance in the negotiations. What is your comment on it?

N. KOTZIAS: On Friday, the Turkish delegation left Geneva, saying that it had more important things to do, like the deal with Syria and the constitutional reform, and that it wanted an informal discussion to take place among experts. Those who left have run away. We are still here.