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Interview of FM Droutsas on “Real” radio, with journalist Mr. N. Hatzinikolaou

Monday, 10 January 2011

Main points:

[On the delimitation of maritime zones]:

· The main political goal of this government, but allow me to say of the previous government too, is the delimitation of the maritime zones including the continental shelf and the Exclusive Economic Zones with our neighbouring states and this work is already under way.
· let us not create any ambiguities or myths here or even mislead public opinion. Everyone should rest assured that things are being carried out in a serious manner, a systematic manner, always based on the interests of this country. These are national issues, national interests and alas if the Greek government, if any government – and I stress this – did not defend and did not promote all of the country’s interests.
· Let us put an end to these hypocricies in Greece on such important issues such as our national issues that the incumbent government is always the lowest bidder, whilst the main opposition is always the super-partiot. I will say this directly, both now as the government and before, as the main opposition party, I felt as much a patriot as I feel now. Everyone’s guide and objective should be defending and promoting the country’s interests.

[On oil and natural gas deposits]:

· The government is carrying out very serious preparation work on this issue and we will soon have the first substantial results that we can be based on. There is a very serious work being carried out. But on the other hand, I would like to stress that we should not foster excessive expectations. That is, they sound excessive, if I may say so. Some people, for example, have been trying to tell us that Greece has suddenly become Qatar. Things are not like that. But at the same time, I would like to stress and confirm to the Greek people that they should be certain we will not let any opportunities go to waste. Everything is being carried out in a very serious, systematic way, but please let us not fall into such traps of exaggerating possible created by certain people simply to argue that there are opportunities which the government has not been capitalizing on.