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Ioannis Mouzalas nominated for post of Council of Europe Commissioner

Monday, 23 October 2017

Diplomatic Cabinet of the
Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Greek government has proposed Migration Policy Minister Ioannis Mouzalas for the post of Commissioner of Human Rights at the Council of Europe. Mr. Mouzalas has long championed human rights. From a very early age, long before entering politics, he fought on the front line for the protection of rights, not just in Greece, but in many countries in Asia and Africa. From his position as Minister, he played a leading role in managing Europe’s major refugee crisis effectively and with unswerving dedication to respect for international law and the protection of refugees and vulnerable population groups.

The Greek government sees this candidacy as highly symbolic at a time when our continent is facing an existential dilemma: will it continue to be the homeland of struggles for freedom, or will it succumb to the emerging wave of isolationism, xenophobia and chauvinism? Having manifested its dedication to the protection of the democratic rights of peoples and minorities, Greece sees the reaffirmation of the liberal and democratic nature of European policies as the fundamental challenge of this time, and it is convinced that Mr. Mouzalas will play an important role in this direction.