Sunday, 19 January 2020
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Development Cooperation

The Directorate General of International Development Cooperation-Hellenic Aid of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the competent national authority, which shapes and coordinates Greek development policy. Accordingly, Hellenic Aid:

-Co-ordinates relevant allocations out of the development budget
-Submits proposals on the national development strategy to the Inter-Ministerial Committee for the Organization and Coordination of International Economic Relations
-Co-ordinates, implements, promotes and monitors humanitarian and development projects and activities to the benefit of developing countries
-Represents the country, in matters of international development, at the relevant international fora and organizations (European Union, OECD/DAC, UN and other international organizations and funds of global or regional character)
-Evaluates the humanitarian/development project proposals submitted thereto, by NGOs and other institutions, and monitors their implementation
-Is in close collaboration with competent authorities of the public and private sector, aiming at the effective administration of national development funds, the complementarity of projects and activities and the coherence or national policies
-Compiles statistical data on bilateral and multilateral official development assistance and prepares annual reports for the Hellenic Parliament and the DAC/OECD
Proposes development policies, in the context of the Νew European Consensus on Development.
-Focuses and on important development frameworks (such as Agenda 2010 and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, Addis Ababa Action Agenda, the Sendai Framework, Νew European Consensus on Development) and submits the relevant findings and recommendations to the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

For more information please visit the official website of Hellenic Aid