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Single Market and Relevant Policies

Single Market
The Single Market is one of Europe’s greatest achievements. Over the past twenty years it has created new opportunities and economies of scale for European companies, by strengthening industrial competitiveness, creating new jobs and offering greater choice at lower prices for consumers.
However, to fully take advantage of all that the Single Market offers, and thus mitigate some of its shortcomings, the need for a new Strategy has emerged.  This new Strategy was presented by the Commission in October 2015. This Strategy takes a holistic approach to the deepening of the Single Market and its adaptation to the demands of the Digital Economy. It promotes the removal of barriers in traditional sectors of economic activity (such as production and trade of goods and services) as well as electronic entrepreneurship and diversification of the sources of finance. It also includes  legislative and non-legislative measures ensuring that, consumers who wish to buy goods or services in another Member State, either in person or online, will be treated in a non-discriminatory way in relation to local customers in terms of access, prices or other sales conditions unless these are based on objective and verifiable factors. Regarding small and medium enterprises and start-ups, the new Strategy provides better access to finance and takes measures to reduce the registration cost, simplify the administrative burden and enhance access to information regarding regulatory requirements through the use of a single digital portal. Another Initiative is the introduction of a services passport that is an electronic document depository aiming to increase cross border security and reduce barriers for service providers who, want to access other European markets.
Our country believes that the new Strategy of the Single Market represents an opportunity to unlock the full potential of the Single Market and looks forward to working within the Council to carry forward the relative legislative proposals as soon as possible.

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