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Single Market and Relevant Policies

Single Market

The Single Market is one of Europe’s most important achievements. It is the single space in which people, goods, services and capital move freely. A well-functioning Single Market allows EU citizens to enjoy a wider choice of services and products and better job opportunities. But the functioning of the Single Market has been negatively affected by the pandemic COVID-19, as many Member-States have unilaterally imposed restrictions and barriers at their borders, disrupting the free flow of goods and services in an effort to contain the pandemic. Given that the Single Market is the main pillar of European economic integration, the full restoration of its functioning and its further deepening is a precondition for the success of the European Union’s recovery plan from the pandemic. All actions that strengthen the Single Market, will improve the results of the recovery plan and will contribute to building Europe’s strategic autonomy.
The full restoration of the Single Market is a priority for our country, which supports all initiatives in this direction. Particular emphasis must be placed on strengthening the small and medium-sized enterprises most affected by the crisis. This will allow entrepreneurs to limit their losses and mobilize resources for their future plans. However, restoring the functioning of the Single Market alone will not be enough. Its further deepening, by removing the unjustified barriers that make it difficult to operate, remains a key priority of the European Union. In this context, our country supports all measures to eliminate barriers, especially in the services sector, which is the core of the Single Market. A strong, fair and more complete Single Market will improve the European Union’s recovery prospects and strengthen its resilience to future challenges.
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