Tuesday, 18 May 2021
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National Council on Foreign Policy

The National Council on Foreign Policy was established pursuant to Law 3132/9.4.2003 (Government Gazette vol. A 84/11.4.2003) in implementation of the provisions under Article 82 §4 of the Constitution of the Hellenic Republic.

This is an advisory body to the government which examines matters relating to Greek foreign policy strategic planning, giving parliamentary parties an opportunity for in-depth briefings by the government on the latest developments, as well as for an exchange of views on matters on the agenda.

The Council’s composition and prerequisites for its members are set out in Article 1 of the above-mentioned founding law, and the manner in which it is convened is laid down in Article 3 of the same Law. It is stipulated, among other things, that discussions of any type of [mainly informational] documents are confidential [Article 3 §5].

With regard to the topics of discussion, they mainly concern the topical issues of concern to the country’s foreign policy at any given time.