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Middle East

Since ancient times, Greece has had close historical and cultural ties with all of the peoples of the Middle East. The Middle East is part of Greece’s wider neighbourhood, and as such is among the priority regions in Greek foreign policy.

The Palestinian question is the focus of efforts to consolidate peace, security, stability and development in the region. Greece contributes on both a bilateral and regional level, as well a within the framework of the EU, to the resolution of the problem, based on the solution of two states, which is accepted by both sides and promoted by the international community.

Our country’s long-term position is in favor of the inalienable right of the Palestinian people to a national hearth within internationally recognized borders, while at the same time we support the inalienable right of Israel to coexist in security with its neighbours. As such, our country is in favor of a comprehensive solution based on two states as the only solution that responds satisfactorily to Israel’s longstanding demand for security and the Palestinians’ longstanding demand for a state.

Firm in the above position, Greece voted in favor of Palestine’s membership in UNESCO, in November 2011, and a year later, in November 2012, of Palestine’s being given non-member observer status at the UN General Assembly. More specifically, with regard to our vote in favor of Palestine’s non-member observer status, the thinking behind Greece decision consisted precisely in its strengthening of the two-state solution.

Furthermore,  our country, capitalizing on its excellent relations with both the Palestinian and Israeli sides, stresses at every opportunity the urgent need for a return to substantial talks aimed at averting unilateral actions that might undermine progress in the peace process for the resolution of all the issues concerning the final status. In any case, this major issue calls for synergies from all international players, which is why the role of the Quartet (EU, UN, U.S., Russia) is of pivotal importance.

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