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Deputy Minister Terens – Nikolaos Quick

Terens – Nikolaos Quick


Terens - Nikolaos Quick is a well-known journalist, politician and member of the political party “INDEPENDENT HELLENES”.
He is Deputy Foreign Minister, responsible for Greeks Abroad (Diaspora Hellenes), in the coalition cabinet of SYRIZA – INDEPENDENT HELLENES.

He was born in Thessaloniki on 18 February 1947.
He started his studies at the Thessaloniki’s University of Higher Industrial Studies. But his dreams for a carrier in Journalism and Communication, lead him to studies at Panteion University of Political Science, during the first year of which, he began his journalistic career.
He is married to Adamantia Gerosideri and father of three children.

Professional career
Since 1966 and for 45 non-stop consecutive years, he worked as a reporter and a political and diplomatic correspondent for most of the major Greek newspapers and magazines.
In September 1974 he started his impressive TV career. As the main anchorman, he presented more than 12.000 News Programs for the state-owned television channel Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) as well as the Private TV channels ANTENNA and STAR.
In 1976 he entirely undertook the organization and management of channel ERT3 in Thessaloniki for a period of two years.
He conducted more than 3.000 talk shows, he produced and presented more than 7.000 field reports, and he has travelled the 2/3 of the countries around the world as a war and political correspondent. He has also produced and presented many documentaries around Greece, promoting the country internationally. 
To Terens' astonishing records we include more than 2.800 hours of radio shows and TV interviews with major Greek and International personalities such as US Presidents George Bush (the father) and Jimmy Carter, Anwar Sadat of Egypt, Yasser Arafat, Helmut Schmidt, Cristian Barnard, Umberto Eco, Michael Schumacher, Ingmar Bergman, all the Greek Prime Ministers of the last 40 years and many others.

Political career
In the regional elections of 1986 and 1990,Terens Quick was elected (as a candidate for the Political Party “New Democracy”) member of the City Council and deputy Mayor of Athens and in the regional elections of 1994 and 1998, he was elected member and Chairman of the City Council of Palaio Psychiko.
In March of 2012, he took the position of Spokesman at the political party «INDEPENDENT HELLENES – PANOS KAMMENOS»
In the 2012 Greek parliamentary elections, he was counted the top vote-getter for “INDEPENDENT HELLENES” and elected to the Hellenic Parliament, taking his seat as the parliamentary Spokesman and also the Head of the Defense and Foreign Affairs Policy of the Party.
During his parliamentary Service (2012 - 2015), Terens Quick was elected unanimously, Secretary of the Standing Parliamentary Committee on Greeks Abroad and was a member of the Permanent Standing Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Foreign Affairs, as well as member of the Greek parliamentary group Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

He was also a member of the Parliamentary Friendship Group with Russia, Japan (he was elected Secretary), Britain and Chile.
On the 27th of January 2015, he was appointed Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister, responsible for the coordination of the Government’s Work.
At the same time, he was also appointed member of the Committee Against Corruption.
As from November 2016, he was appointed Deputy Foreign Minister for Greeks Abroad (Diaspora Hellenes).

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