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Aid Funding Portal

What the Aid Funding Portal provides for Greek enterprises and NGOs

services/aidfunding_mfa_gr.png The primary goal of the Foreign Ministry’s Aid Funding Portal (http://www.aidfunding.mfa.gr), which is operated by the Special Secretariat for the Development of International Programs, is to support the Greek business community and NGOs in their efforts to develop international programs that are funded by multilateral funding organizations – including the EU, the UN and the World Bank – regional development banks and national development agencies of developing countries.

In this directions, www.aidfunding.mfa.gr gives Greeks enterprises and NGOs access to a comprehensive set of support services that is both up to date and interactive. These services include timely notification regarding upcoming and current aid funding opportunities arising from the funding and investment programs being carried out by international funding organizations (e.g., the EU, UN and World Bank) in the developing world.

These opportunities are also stored in a funding opportunities search engine that draws information from a special data bank that is updated constantly with news and announcements published either directly on the portal or in the Special Secretariat’s Newsletter, which is sent to registered users at least twice a month.

Moreover, Greek enterprises and NGOs can use www.aidfunding.mfa.gr to access handbooks that provide guidelines on and insights into the tender procedures of various agencies, as well as to follow the Special Secretariat’s activities, including conferences, seminars and fora.

Finally, visitors to www.aidfunding.mfa.gr can contact the Support Office directly (Tel: +30 210 368 4262 – Fax: +30 210 368 4145 – E-mail: ) to seek partners in EU or aid-recipient countries. This service is of great importance because the effective development of international aid funding programs is linked directly to the networking of Greek agencies on multiple levels and to the forming of strong consortia.

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