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Terms of Use

The Foreign Ministry is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of this website.

The information provided on the Website is for general information purposes only. Every effort is made to keep the content of this website accurate and up to date.

The content of this Website is informative in purpose.

The Foreign Ministry is not responsible for the content or updating of content on third-agency websites to which links are provided on this Website.


All of the content and information provided via the present Website is the intellectual property of the Foreign Ministry and is thus protected by the relevant legal framework, according to which reproduction, alteration, distortion or sale of said content or information for profit or other purposes is forbidden.

Privacy Policy

The management and protection of data of the visitor/user of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Web Portal (WP) are subject to the conditions of this notice as well as to the provisions of national, European Union and international law on the person's protection in the processing of personal data as applicable from time to time.

Any relevant regulation that may occur in the future shall be included in this notice. In any case the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reserves its right to change its policies of personal data protection in accordance with the relevant law as applicable from time to time.

Therefore, these personal data protection policies may be revised and updated at all times without prior notice. The WP's users are requested to check periodically the policies in question for any changes as continuous use of the WP implies acceptance of all amendments thereto if any.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs collects personal data of the WP's visitors/users only when the latter provide such -data willingly in view of obtaining the electronically available services. The term personal data includes any data capable of being used for the identification of or communication with a person as well as any other information in respect of such person. The personal data collected at the WP are the following:

Name and surname
E-mail address

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall not market or otherwise transmit or disclose to any third parties the WP visitors/users' personal data not relating to itself without the visitor's/user's consent except in compliance with the relevant legal requirements and to the relevant authorities only.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs may process in whole or in part the data provided by visitors/users for statistical purposes or in order to improve its services - information offered.

The visitor/user may contact the WP controller from time to time in order to verify the existence of his/her personal file or to rectify, modify or delete the same ( ).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs may collect data for the identification of the WP users using appropriate technologies such as cookies or/and Internet Protocol (IP) address monitoring. Cookies are small text files stored in the hard disc of each visitor/user that do not have access to any document or file from the computer thereof. They are used to facilitate the visitor's/user's access as regards the use of specific services or/and pages of the WP, for statistical purposes and in order to determine areas which are useful or popular. Such information may also include the type of the browser used by the visitor/user, the computer's type, its operating system, the Internet service providers and other information of the kind. Furthermore, the WP information system collects automatically information regarding the sites visited by its visitor/user and regarding the links in third-party websites that the same may choose when using the WP.

The WP visitor/user may regulate his/her web browser so that either it warns him/her about the use of cookies in some services or it does not allow acceptance of the use of cookies at all times. In the case the visitor/user of these specific services and pages does not wish the use of cookies for his/her identification then he/she shall not have further access to such services.

This WP includes links to other websites that are under the control of third parties (whether natural or legal persons). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs waives any responsibility for the personal data protection policies applied by such websites.

RSS Feeds

This website provides RSS 2.0 press releases that you can view via your browser. You may also make free use of our RSS feeds on your blog or website, on condition of citing their source.

Technical information

This Website is designed to function effectively at any screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or more and has been tested to provide the same visual result with all current and widely used web browsers, including Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (7, 8, 9), Opera, Safari.