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Diplomatic Academy

Diplomatic AcademyThe Diplomatic Academy was founded in 1999 and functions as a self-contained organic unit of the Ministry, subject directly to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Diplomatic Academy’s main mission is twofold:

- The initial professional training of the candidates who successfully pass the preliminary exams required for the diplomatic service. This training extends over a period of nine months and focuses on traditional as well as modern foreign policy issues (such as economic and cultural diplomacy). The trainees  get lessons of economic and consular management, the organizational structure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the broader Public Administration.

- The ongoing training of MFA personnel, the organization of education seminars on Greek foreign policy issues for Greeks and foreigners, and the organization of educational programmes on issues within the Foreign Ministry’s competency, for personnel from other Ministries and state services.

Moreover, within the framework of developing relations with third countries and promoting international cooperation, the Diplomatic Academy considers exchanges with corresponding foreign institutions, with the aim of strengthening cooperation on training issues.

The Diplomatic Academy is headed by a member of the diplomatic service holding an ambassadorial rank. The training director holds the rank of Embassy Counselor.

The Diplomatic Academy is assisted in its work by the Educational Council.