Friday, 18 June 2021
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Main recent activities of the Diplomatic Academy may include:

• Educational seminars on economic management and Consular Affairs for the Ministry's employees to be posted abroad, as well as training courses in Electronic Document Management System (ΣΗΔΕ) for employees of the Headquarters.

• Training seminars for employees posted abroad on issues related to Schengen Visas, national Visas and Visa Information System (VIS).

• Training Seminars for public servants to be posted abroad as Military Attachés or Naval Attachés.

• Organizing of informative lectures for students of the Police Academy and the National Academy of Security by officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

• Organising regular Workshops on Foreign Affairs issues for the students of the National Defence College, in coordination with the competent departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

• Quarterly seminars for students of the Air Force Academy.

• Educational seminars for the candidates of the National Centre for
Public Administration and Local Government.

• Coordination of the participation of the Ministry's employees at seminars that take place abroad and that are organized by universities, research institutes, think tanks and institutions of global range.

• Participation in the European Programme for Young Diplomats (EDP), which takes place every year since 2000.

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