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Major International Treaties Concerning Greece

1.  London Protocol, 3.2.1830. (Available in French).

2.  Treaty (Arrangement) of Constantinople, 21.6.1832.(Available in English).

3.  Treaty of London, 29.3.1864. (Available in English)

4. Convention of Constantinople, 2.7.1881. (Available in French).

5.  London Peace Treaty, 30.5.1913. (Available in French).

6.  Peace Treaty of Bucharest, 10.8.1913. (Available in French).

7.  Peace Convention of Athens, 14.11.1913. (Available in French).

8.  Note of the Great Powers to Greece, 13.2.1914. (Available in French).

9.  Treaty of Neuilly, 27.11.1919. (Available in English).

10. Treaty of Lausanne, 24.7.1923. (Available in English).

11. Treaty of Peace with Italy, 10.2.1947. (Available in English).

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