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Centre for Analysis and Planning


1. Legal Framework - Mission.

The Centre for Analysis and Planning (CAP) dates back to 1998. According to the amendment of Article 13 of the Statute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs [Law 3566/2007 (Official Gazette A΄ 117)] by Law 4451/13-2-2017 (Official Gazette A΄ 16) and the concominant Ministerial Decree dated 26-6-2017, the CAP is an autonomous unit directly answerable to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Its main mission is foreign policy and international relations analysis, scientific research and support of the Foreign Ministry, elaboration of studies and formulation of policy proposals on topics of special Greek interest or of broader international challenges, within the framework of Greek foreign policy strategic priorities and relevant instructions of the Foreign Minister.

To this end, the Head of the Centre, along with the Scientific Director, participates at the meetings of the National Council of Foreign Policy, upon invitation of the Foreign Minister. The Head of the CAP, appointed by the Minister, is an Ambassador or an Expert-Minister Counsellor A΄ holding a recognized PhD and published related scientific work. The Head of the CAP has overall responsibility for administrative issues and smooth operation of the Center. The CAP is scientifically supported by a team on a temporary basis of four associate scientists(*) under the supervision of the Scientific Director, who is also appointed by the Minister having the status of a University Professor specialized on topics related to the CAP’s mission and having significant professional experience.

The CAP seeks osmosis among ministerial and academic/research reflection, by working closely with Directorates of the MFA in Athens and Diplomatic Authorities abroad, universities and research centers both in Greece and abroad, counterpart Agencies of other Foreign Ministries and European/international -governmental and non-governmental- organizations. Furthermore, the CAP organizes closed meetings on special topics, as well as open conferences, at which internationally renowned academic personalities/analysts may be invited, it elaborates special programmes and commissions special studies, the final selection of which lies with the Foreign Minister. Due to the differentiated nature of its mission, in relation to other MFA services, criterion of the CAP –as far as possible- is to analyse topics in a mid-long term perspective.

2. Competences - Organization and Operation

The competences of the CAP are further elaborated at the aforementioned Ministerial Decree dated 26-6-2017, according to which the Center is composed of four (4) Departments:

-a) Department for Policy Planning and Actions’ Programming

-b) Department for Relations and Partnerships with Domestic and Foreign Agencies

-c) Department for Monitoring the Works of International Think Tanks

-d) Department for Administrative Support

In order to respond to its multifaceted work, the CAP is staffed by permanent personnel from several branches of the Foreign Ministry (Diplomatic, Expert, Economic and Commercial Affairs, Administrative staff).

At the same time, apart from CAP's planned support from the above-mentioned Scientific Group, the Center has already been supported by Working Groups/mixed Task Forces composed of MFA staff/academics for elaborating specific topics of Greek interest (see below point 3).

Furthermore, the CAP provides administrative support to the re-established Scientific Council, staffed by university Professors specialized in International and European Law and providing opinion on major legal questions raised by the Foreign Minister (based on the aforementioned amendment of the Statute of the MFA Law 4451/addendum Article 35A) .

3. CAP activities

-Issuing periodic “REVIEW”, in electronic form, which includes a selection of timely texts originating from internationally recognized think tanks. The Review was initially issued in 2016 and collects –as far as possible- a representative sample of published texts from think tanks on contemporary international topics. Views expressed in the texts are not binding for the CAP/MFA. Reviews are exclusively addressed to MFA Directorates and Greek Diplomatic Authorities abroad in order to provide broader knowledge of timely analyses and possibly, where appropriate, assess relevant reflections developed abroad. So far, the Centre has issued the following Reviews entitled: 1-2016  IMMIGRATION (January/February), 2-2016 SYRIA (March/April), 3-2016 BREXIT (May/June), 4-2016 INTERNATIONAL SECURITY & DEFENSE (July/August), 5-2016 ENERGY & DIPLOMACY (September/October), 6-2016 CHALLENGES, INFORMAL BODIES AND PERSPECTIVES OF INTERNATIONAL GOVERNANCE (November/December), 7-2017 INTERNATIONAL FORECASTS AND ESTIMATES: WORLD ORDER UNDER THE LIGHT OF THE NEW USA ADMINISTRATION (January/February), 8-2017 QUO VADIS EUROPA? (March/April), 9-2017 EAST ASIA (May/June), 10-2017 UN REFORM (July/August), 11-2017 CYBERSECURITY (September/October), 12-2017 CULTURAL & RELIGIOUS DIPLOMACY (November-December), 13-2018 2018:GLOBAL TRENDS & ESTIMATES (January-February), 14-2018 AFRICA: CHALLENGES-INTERNATIONAL ACTORS-PROSPECTS (March/April), 15-2018 THE MIDDLE EAST IN CRISIS (May/June), 16-2018 SOUTHEAST EUROPE (July/August), 17-2018 CLIMATE CHANGE & DIPLOMACY (September/October), 18-2018 RADICALISATION: CHALLENGE AND TACKLING OF VIOLENT EXTREMISM (November/December), 19-2019 2019: GLOBAL TRENDS & ESTIMATES (January/February), 20-2019 EUROPEAN ELECTIONS 2019 & PROSPECTS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION (Spring 2019), 21-2019: US-CHINA ECONOMIC WAR and other contemporary international topics (Summer 2019)...

- Issuing new electronic series entitled “TEXTS OF ANALYSIS & POLICY” which compiles texts drawn up by CAP Working Groups or speeches in events organised by CAP/MFA. So far, the Centre has issued the following electronic texts entitled: [1] “THE FUTURE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION” (August 2016), [2] “CONSEQUENCES OF BREXIT ON GREECE” (January 2017), [3] “RELIGIOUS-ECCLESIASTICAL DIPLOMACY IN THE 21ST CENTURY” (February 2019), [4] “THE FUTURE OF EUROPE: REFLECTIONS ON THE PROSPECTS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION” (March 2019)…

- Operation, in the framework of the CAP, of a Working Group established via Ministerial Decree (21-1-2016) for the Organisation of the Centre for Religious Pluralism in the Middle East (under coordination of Professor S. Roussos). It is noted that establishment of this Center was decided at the previous relevant meeting of Athens, following an initiative of the Greek Foreign Minister, Mr. N. Kotzias (see

- Coordination of a non remunerated Working Group on the Future of the European Union, staffed by Academic-MFA personnel, which has been established by Ministerial Decree (31-3-2016) and has completed an initial circle of work by drafting a Reflection Paper of policy proposals as regards the future of the European Union and Greece's position within it (supra, “TEXTS OF ANALYSIS & POLICY” [1] ).

- Coordination of a non remunerated Task Force on BREXIT, which has been established by Ministerial Decree (20-7-2016), participants of which include Directors of co-competent MFA Directorates and academics, under the chairmanship, as appropriate, of A΄or C΄ General Directors.

- Coordination of a non remunerated Special Interministerial Committee on BREXIT focusing on studing the impact of the British referendum in Greece, which was established by Ministerial Decree (20-7-2016) and meets at Secretary General level under the chairmanship of MFA’s Secretary General.

- Ad-hoc meetings with foreign delegations in Athens, at their request, as well as collaborations with counterpart planning departments of Foreign Ministries and university/research centers, both domestic and foreign.

(*) to be established

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