Sunday, 19 January 2020
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Crisis Management Unit

Assisting Greek citizens abroad is one of the Foreign Ministry’s principal duties. In recent years, major natural disasters worldwide have led to an increasing number of requests for assistance made by Greek citizens abroad; assistance in emergency situations.

To meet this need effectively, the Foreign Ministry has set up a Crisis Management Unit.

This Unit operates under the supervision of the Secretary General as the coordinating body amongst services at the Foreign Ministry and other Ministries when emergency situations of a humanitarian or consular nature arise. In emergencies, the Unit is put into 24-hour operation, providing the necessary organizational support for the Ministry services involved in confronting a given emergency.

Institutional Framework

The operation of the Crisis Management Unit is provided for in article 14 of the Foreign Ministry Statutes (Law 3566/2007) and its organization is regulated more specifically by a Ministerial Decision (Π23ΜΔΚ-28804/ΑΣ 14434/15.12.2009).

While the primary responsibility for consular assistance and handling emergency situations of a consular nature is national, the provision of consular protection is a mutual obligation of the member states of the European Union and is provided for is article 23 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (link).

Consular assistance in emergency situations

Consular assistance is provided to Greek citizens by Greece’s Consular Missions abroad.

If Greece is not represented in a third country, consular protection for Greek citizens is provided by the authorities of any member state of the European Union.