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Tourism and Culture

Whether national or cutting across EU’s borders, all projects reflect the principles of Greek tourism policy: Continuity, Harmony, Interaction, Learning and Exchanging.

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Continuity: The Unification of the Archaeological Sites of Athens
The project is cultural, environmental and developmental in purpose and it will contribute greatly to improving the quality of life in Athens. The project offers Athenians and visitors an aesthetically, environmentally and culturally friendly atmosphere, encompassing into the city’s life almost every monument linked to Athens’s historical span. Read more...

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Harmony: Environment & Culture
The project aims at raising awareness on the protection of the country’s cultural and natural resources. The importance and symbolism associated with the Tree of Life from antiquity to the present day, is the main theme of the cultural events scheduled within the framework of this campaign. Read more...

Interact: Museums in the 21st century
Addressing the challenges of the EU 2020 Strategy and contributing to lifelong learning, the Learning Museum Network (LEM) project aims at creating a permanent network of museums and cultural heritage organizations. Museums in the 21st century can play an active role in lifelong learning society, increasing access to cultural life and fostering social cohesion, innovation and creativity. Read more...

Learn: The Greek Portal of the European Cultural Heritage Inventory
MICHAEL Hellas is the Greek Portal of the Multilingual Inventory of Cultural Heritage in Europe. Through MICHAEL, one can find and explore digital collections from museums, archives, libraries and other cultural institutions from across Greece. Whether one is interested in Art, History or the Antiquity, or searching for the digitized culture heritage in a particular area, MICHAEL highlights what is available. Read more...

Exchange: Cultural Crossroads
The Cultural Crossroads, a five-year programme, began in 2011 and focuses on the city of Thessaloniki, home to some of the world’s greatest cultures. In 2011, the theme was the Middle East influence and in 2012, Thessaloniki tells its story of its Balkan heritage. A series of musical events, theatrical productions, film and documentary festivals, museum exhibitions from antiquity to modern times, culinary events, conferences and symposia aim at presenting visitors the city’s heritage. Read more...

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