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At the foothills of the famous Mount Olympus, the home of the ancient gods, and in the Ancient Theatre of Dion, the Directorate of High School Education in Pieria and its Cultural Actions Department organize every year the International Youth Meeting of Ancient Drama, Music and Athletics which is set under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs., titled:

Theatre, Music and Athletic Games  “Olympia in Dion”

The Games last for nine (9) days and take place from Friday the 18th September to Monday the 28th September. Weekends are not included, and specifically the 19th,20th, 26th, 27th September. Each day is dedicated to each of the nine Pierian Muses who according to Greek Mythology were the patron goddesses of Knowledge, Literature, Arts and Sciences, They were: Calliope, Euterpe, Clio, Erato, Melpomene, Polyhymnia. Terpsichore, Thalia, Urania.

The event is a revival of the ancient games which were held on the same place, the sacred city of the Macedonians, under the same title; "Olympia in Dion".

In the Ancient Theatre of Dion the great tragic poet Euripides wrote and presented five of his plays and his last masterpiece "Bacchac". According to ancient writers, Euripides died and was buried in Pieria. On his tombstone Athenians engraved the following epigram;

"Χαίρε μελαμπετάλοις, Ευριπίδη, εν γυάλοισι Πιερίας τον αεί νυχτός έχων 0άλαμον…, ως αν λάτρις πιερίδων ναίης αγχόθι Πιερίδων”.

«Χαίρε Ευριπίδη που  έχεις εν  θάλαμο της αιώνιας νύχτας (Τάφο) cm μελανόχρωμα ακρογυάλια της Πιερίας… Εσύ που λάτρεψες τις Πιερίδες (Μούσες) κατοικείς κοντά τους.

The archaic choral, the dancing and the athletic ceremonies as  well as the orpheic mystery events that were held on the slops of Mount Olympus in honor of Zeus the king Archelaus (413~399 b.C) established and highlighted them on a national range, where thousands of pilgrims came from all over the known world. Along with the theatre games, musical and sports games were held too, in which artists and athletes participated from the Greek and later on of Roman cities. The celebrations started with a sacrifice to Olympian Zeus. That is why they are called 'Olympia in Dion". During the reign of Phillip the II and his son Alexander the III (the Great) 'Olympia in Dion" became re known all over the world They continued until the Christian times as a nationwide celebration until the games "Demetria" succeeded them after Thessaloniki became the capital of Macedonia.
The themes of these games include student performances of Ancient Greek, Latin and other peoples’ Dramas, concerts and athletic meetings of archaic style.
The International Youth Meeting of Ancient Drama, Music and Athletics "Olympia in Dion", is not a competitive event.

Cooperating members of the International Youth Meeting of Ancient Drama, Music and Athletics "Olympia in Dion" are:
-    Archdiocese of Kitros, Katerini & Platamon
-    Region of Central Macedonia
-    Aristotle University of Thassaloniki
-    University of Macedonia - Thassaloniki
-    Northern Greece State Theater
-    Municipality of Katerini
-    Municipality of Dion-Olympous
-    Municipality of Pydna-Kolindros

-    To  present and understand the educational character of early theatrical art as a humanistic universal expression
-    To make students approach mid familiarize with important ancient Greek and foreign authors' texts.
-    To deeply understand the cultural exchange values which is an international need, recognize and accept eternal ideas and values.
-    To communicate and getting to know other cultures and their contribution to diversity of each culture in the creation of worldwide culture.
-    To encourage students to develop friendly relations.
-    To promote the exchange of experiences between schools and to create new bonds.
-    To promote theatrical education for students as a contribute to culture.
-    To highlight the universality of the Ancient Theatre and its everlasting value up to modern times


Schools, Universities and informal groups that are interested in participating in “Olympia in Dion” must send the Application form attached, by email or by post by the end of May, 2015.

With the Application Form Schools/Universities/Informal groups, must also
•    a DVD ten (10) minutes from the rehearsals
•    3 photos (rehearsal or previous performance)
•    a list with the names of the students and their teacher(s) in charge, in order to be included in the program that will be published. All the above material must be sent to;

Directorate of High School Education in Pieria
Innovative Actions Department
8, P. Tsaldari Str.
Phone Numbers: (0030) 23510 46965 or (0030) 23510 46952
Fax: (0030)2351049910
Website: http://dide.pie.sch.gr
After the end of the procedures, scheduled performance draft will be sent to the elected schools.

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