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The Ambassador

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Greece and Iraq share a long history of excellent bilateral relations. Greece, a long standing advocate of the respect of International Law and of good neighborly relations in the sensitive region of the Middle East, and Iraq, a country of major importance for the security and stability, regionally and internationally, maintain relations of close cooperation on bilateral and multilateral level.

Our country reiterates, in every occasion, its full commitment to Iraq's unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity in accordance with the relevant UN Resolutions and participates in the international community’s efforts to help Baghdad to tackle the terrorist threat from ISIL/Da'esh, consolidate democratic structures and develop a modern and democratic state with a sustainable open-market economy. Furthermore, Greece supports the economic and social restoration of Iraq, with emphasis on programs aiming at the improvement of Rule of Law, human rights, education, health, aid to refugees and internally displaced persons, demining, and, in general, the reconstruction of the country and the relief of its population.

A significant number of Greek enterprises and businessmen continue to be active in Iraq, in spite of the recent deterioration of the security situation in the country, and create a fertile ground for the promotion of the bilateral economic and commercial relations between Greece and Iraq.

The further development of the political and economic cooperation with Iraq constitutes a key priority for our country, especially after the formation of the new Iraqi Government, which provides a new dynamic for the stability and economic grows in Iraq, offering, therefore, new opportunities for the promotion and the enhancement of our bilateral relations.

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