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Olympia Summer Academy 2017

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Since the summer of 2002, the Olympia Summer Academy (the Academy) has been offering annually a wide range of specialized courses in Political Science and International Studies. From 2002 until 2014, the Academy took place at the birthplace of the Olympic Games in Ancient Olympia in Western Peloponnese. In 2015, the Academy is moving to Nafplio, the first capital of modern Greece, and a picturesque seaport town in Eastern Peloponnese where the medieval meets the modern. Nonetheless, we remain strongly committed, and indeed thankful, to Olympia both for its warm hospitality during the first thirteen years of OSA and its guiding flame and spirit that will always remain with us.

The Academy is comprised of 8 working days of intensive, high-level teaching where six carefully defined Political Science and International Studies areas are treated in depth and by faculty of international standing. The teaching cycles/programs that comprise the Academy in 2016 are:

• Conflict & Political Violence (8 working days)
• The History, Philosophy & Sociology of IR (4 working days)
• Europe’s Shifting Political Order (4 working days)
• Religion & International Politics (4 working days)
• Terrorism & Counterterrorism (4 working days)
• Political Risk Analysis (4 working days)
• Nationalism and Ethnic Politics (4 working days)

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