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Emergency travel document procedure for Greek citizens (laissez passer)

An emergency travel document is issued solely by the Greek Embassy to Greek citizens, exclusively, whose stated purpose is to return to Greece or their country of residence. The applicant must present himself/herself at the Embassy in order for the document to be issued. This service is rendered free of charge.

In case the applicant is in one of the other countries under the Embassy’s jurisdiction, the honorary consulates of Greece assist the Embassy with gathering the necessary documents for those citizens in their area of jurisdiction. Consequently, honorary consulates send the documents to the Embassy by courier and, once the travel document is issued by us, it is returned, by courier, to the competent honorary consulate. The courier services are paid for by the honorary consulates. After the applicant signs the document, a copy is sent to the Embassy via fax or email.

The emergency travel document is issued exclusively if the passport is lost or stolen and also in the following cases:
1. In case of death
2. When the citizen is at risk
3. in case of an accident or serious illness

Required documents:

1. Application form filled out at the Embassy
2. Two passport size photos
3. Photocopy of identity card
4. Photocopy of the expired passport if it exists
5. Registration in municipal registrars that is requested by the Embassy or the honorary consulate
6. Copy of the ticket reservation indicating Greece or the country of residence as the final destination

If the citizen’s passport has been lost or stolen, the following documents must also be submitted:
1. An official report from the police concerning the theft or loss of the passport.
2. Signed affirmation, under article 8 N.1599 / 1986, describing the place, time and circumstances during which the passport was lost or stolen.

Due to the frequent delay in postal services, we advise the applicants and the honorary consulates to give a margin of at least 2-3 weeks before the applicant travels in order for the emergency travel document to arrive.

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