Thursday, 22 March 2018
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Legalization of foreign public documents

Legalization of documents issued by the Kenyan state

To legalize documents for use in Greece, the applicant must first legalize the document at the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then submit the document to the Embassy. The embassy will then use the services of a law firm which confirms the validity of the document in question. Once the document's validity is confirmed, the Embassy may legalize the document.

The law firm charges a fee for this service that the applicant must pay. Please see attached table for the fees. The law firm's fee must be added to the 3750 KES that the Embassy charges for certification of each document.

If the applicant is in Greece then they must authorize someone to submit the documents on their behalf. This authorization may be done at a KEP branch (ΚΕΠ) or police station in Greece. The applicant must also submit, to the Embassy, copies of their Kenyan passport and residency permit in Greece. These documents may be sent to


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