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Verification of the authenticity of foreign documents

To verify the authenticity of a document issued by any Authority of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the following are necessary:

  • Attestation of the document by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. For documents concerning studies in Pakistan, attestation from the competent Education Council is required, as well.
  • If the document concerns a person residing in Greece and is submitted by an authorized person, a legalized copy of the residence permit in Greece of the assignor should be submitted, as well. Furthermore, an authorization letter attested by a Greek Authority is necessary to be provided. No other attestations will be accepted. The assignee should proceed to the Embassy with a proof of his/her identity (passport or ID Card).
  • The documents to be submitted should be recent, maximum one month old.
  • The attestation fees amount to 30 euros per document, payable only in cash, in euros (no other currency is accepted). All the documents submitted for attestation will have to be examined by one of the legal offices with whom the Embassy co-operates. The fees (per family case, irrespectively of the number of documents to be examined) have to be covered by the applicants and amount to 20.000 PKR for certificates issued by Pakistani Authorities and 450 US Dollars for those issued by Afghani Authorities. The fees will have to be remitted directly to the bank account of the relevant Law Firm, according to the instructions to be provided by the Embassy.
  • Family Registration Certificates and B Forms cannot be verified by the Embassy, since there is a relevant restriction imposed by the Pakistani Law. Marriage Registration Certificate and Birth Certificates (including those of the children, if any), issued by NADRA, will be attested, instead.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: All appointments for attestations should be arranged by e-mail, only. For this purpose, no other means of communication (by phone, etc) is accepted.
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