Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Greek EU Presidency in Geneva

Presentation of the priorities of the Greek Presidency to the EU member states at WTO

The Permanent Representative of GreeceAmbassador Alexis Alexandris presided the WTO regular weekly EU coordination ‘HEBDO’, Ambassador Alexandris’ opening speech presented the priorities of the Hellenic Presidency particularly with respect to the WTO. He also stated that the Hellenic Presidency will support the WTO multilateral rules-based trading system and will struggle against protectionist tendencies worldwide. Trade liberalization of goods, services and investment, protection of intellectual property rights, enhancement of market access strategy, dismantlement of trade barriers, closer cooperation with neighboring countries and promotion of free trade are the main objectives.

In view of a constructive cooperation between the EU and the WTO, Ambassador Alexandris declared the Hellenic Presidency’s full commitment in working closely with the EU Delegation and the WTO Director General Mr. Azevedo, on the post-Bali remaining issues such as agriculture and services.

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