Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Greek EU Presidency in Geneva

The environment will have key role in Greek presidency's agenda, Environment minister says

The environment will have a key role in the agenda of the Greek EU presidency, in the framework of sustainable growth, Environment Minister Yiannis Maniatis said on Thursday. The minister was presenting the Greek presidency's priorities for the environment to the College of Commissioners and foreign journalists in Athens.
The focus will be on ‘green’ development, as well as conservation of resources, the minister said. The Greek presidency will aim to “ensure a high level of environmental protection, by integrating environmental perspectives into the policy of each sector," Maniatis noted.
As far as EU marine and maritime policy is concerned, the presidency will take significant action to redesign it by June 2014, when the European Council will be held, so that it covers issues such as the environment, safety, energy, transport, tourism, and the European Strategy for the Adriatic and the Ionia Sea.
On the Enviroment and Climate Change, the presidency aims for anagreement with the European Parliament on a proposal for aviation, the emissions' trading system and a proposal on transporting waste.
The presidency will also promote and examine in detail issues related to the 'Climate-Energy in the framework of 2030’ package, which includes important decisions about the future of the European Union in energy and climate change.
The Greek side will also try to promote issues related to a proposal on Invasive Alien Species and the proposal for monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon emissions of Shipping (MRV Rule).
Moreover, the Greek presidency will try to make progress on the proposals for the ratification of the second binding period in the Kyoto Protocol and the package of proposals for air quality, as well as the proposal for plastic bags.
On Climate Change, the Greek Presidency will focus on further preparingthe EU position on the issue ahead of efforts for a global agreement –under the auspices of the United Nations - in Paris in 2015.

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