Saturday, 17 March 2018

Depending on the duration and purpose of your journey to Greece, you may apply for a short-term “Schengen visa” or a long-term “national visa” for a stay of longer than 90 days.

To facilitate visa applicants, the Greek Consulate General in Alexandria receives applicants upon an  appointment, at Alexander the Great no.63, Chatby, (tel. (+203) 487 8454, 487 8455, fax (+203) 486 5896, e-mail : ##0

In order to book an apointment kindly call the above telephone numbers,  from Monday to Friday,from 10:00 to 13:30, or contact us through an e-mail or fax message (in this case kindly include a telephone number where we can reach you).

The Consulate General of Greece in Alexandria receives applications from holders of Egyptian passports issued by Offices no. 18,19,20,21,36 and 37. If your passport was issued from another Office, kindly contact the Consulate General of Greece in Cairo.

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