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No appointment is needed for the following cases

1.  legalisation of signature

The physical presence of the signee is required. The applicant must sign in front of the consular clerk and present a valid passport or EU ID card. Please note that driving license does not suffice. For information regarding consular fees please click here.

2. legalisation of a translator’s signature


There is no official Translation - Interpreting department at the Consular Office of the Embassy of Greece.

However, if you need a Translator or Interpreter you may contact the following services:

Institute of Translation and Interpreting
Tel.:+44 (0)1908 325250
Fax: +0044 (0)1908 325259

Chartered Institute of Linguists

(Select English and Greek as source and target Languages)

NOTICE: The Consular Office can legalize only the translations made by certified translators (whose signature is known and certified). You are kindly advised to confirm with the above mentioned instates, before proceeding with the translator of your choice.

For the legalization/authentication of a translated document, please note that the original document should be submitted as well, dully legalised (Apostille Stamp, Hague Convention), by FCO.

For more information about the Apostille stamp, you may contact the Foreign Office: (legalization)
Tel: 0190 8295111
Fax: 0190 8295122

If you wish to translate a Greek document, the original Greek document does not need an Apostille stamp by the FCO.

Click here for the cost of the legalization.

If you wish to send your documents by post, you need to enclose a postal order with the required amount, as well as a self addressed special delivery envelope, for the return of the documents.

You are kindly informed that the Consular Office does not bear any responsibility for possible loss of documents sent by post.

3. hospital bills

We notarize UK hospital bills, provided that they are original, namely they bear original stamp and signature.

4. If you wish to declare the loss/theft of your Greek passport/ID card/driving license, you must present one of the above. If you possess none of the above, you must be accompanied by a Greek citizen who can witness who you are. Please note that we do not undertake the issuance of a Greek ID card / driving license. If you require the issuance of an emergency travel document, please consult ‘Passports’.  

5. Repatriation of the deceased

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