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PM: Greece in the constellation of recovery

PM Antonis Samaras

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said that Greece is in the constellation just before recovery, addressing on Sunday his New Democracy (ND) party Central Macedonia pre-congress, held in Thessaloniki.

"Disagreements exist in the three-party coalition government" he said adding that "in the 11 months that this government is at the country's helm we have brought stability and achieved to recover the country's credibility".

Referring to IMF's mistake Samaras said that "we had pointed out the mistakes from the first memorandum, but now it is too late and it's no use looking back".

Samaras said that "the neonazi are the only black spot in the last years" and referring to main opposition SYRIZA he charged them that "they serve the neonazis when they ask for the legalisation of all migrants" He also charged SYRIZA for populism and that by sending away the investors they undermine the country's exit from the crisis".

"We have, of course, many differences with the other two party leaders. Different ideological starting points, a different historical course. However, we are giving the message of unity. Mr. Tsipras is requesting the "throne of power", abusing the country. He will have imperial isolation from the Greek people. We three, on the contrary, are pulling the "oar", without ill-feelings for the country, with disagreements, yes, for the good of the country. "Rowing of duty", the poet would say," the prime minister said, adding that "the three-party government is not only unprecedented, but also a salvation for the country.

He accused the opposition and SYRIZA-EKM mainly that in essence they do not wish to see the country exiting from the crisis. For this reason every time they dispute or mock the successes of the three-party government, they cannot stand them and it spoils their mood. This attitude is not only "pettiness", but constitutes "undermining" of the country, the prime minister stressed and accused SYRIZA of "struggling" for money not to come to Greece, investments not to take place, and for this reason it is not reacting only to some investments, but to all the investments and the privatizations.

"If Greece responded to provocations and threats until now, it is now claiming a role in international developments because it is located in a strategic geographical position, without being the only one possessing this advantage, the EU and the other foreign countries have an interest to invest in the stability of Greece-Cyprus, because otherwise the "gate" will open for destabilisation to pass from the Middle East to Europe", Samaras said.

The prime minister referred to the hydrocarbon deposits detected by Cyprus and Israel and stressed that: "There are strong indications that there are even more considerable deposits of natural gas in the undersea region of the Greek Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), and not only to the southeast of Crete, but both to the south and west and in the entire region up to the Ionian Sea. This is very important for us, because it photographs national wealth of ours, but it is also important for all of Europe as well because Europe has a great thirst for energy. Of course, the proclamation and exploitation of the EOZ is exclusively a national issue. Nothing changes this, nothing can change it. Everything, of course, must take place on the basis of the Law of the Sea and not become an object of local competition. The support of the EU is necessary here".

On the question of Cyprus, he expressed support for the finding of a solution, but disagreed categorically with a possible "resurrection of the notorious Annan plan," as he termed it. "The priority is for Cyprus to stand on its feet and no one must think of extorting it at this weak moment".

As for Turkey, he said that the problems have not been resolved, however calm is necessary in bilateral relations; Turkey now wants this, as well and this is a positive development. "We do not accept stopgap solutions that are in the making. We do not hide problems under the rug. We cannot be blackmailed and we do not blackmail. We are building diplomacy of truth", the prime minister said.

As regards the issue of the name of Skopje, he expressed his strong opposition to whatever unacceptable, historically inaccurate and liberating pursuits from the neighboring side.

Samaras said that it is in the interest of the EU and China the development of trade relations between them, while referring to the need for the upgrading of Greece's relations with China, the US and Russia. He said that without "breaking eggs" in the country the extensive changes that will take place will overtake us.

"The only dark point in Greece in the past years is the appearance of the neo-Nazis," Samaras said and added that "they are appearing as defenders of the country, those who are offending Greece and are bringing symbols that are repulsive for the Greeks. And they reach the point of even disputing everything and even the historical crime of the Holocaust. What decadence".

When they dispute or try to mar everything that makes us proud of our country, for our history who does this serve? When they vote with them in most cases in Parliament and when they have the same abusive way, don't they coincide with the neo-Nazis as a matter of fact?

We must not allow this country of our children to be crushed in the millstones of hatred and of the conflict of the two extremes, the two extremists," the prime minister stressed.

Miners working at the gold investment in Skouries in the Halkidiki prefecture were waiting for him at the entrance to the "Macedonia Palace" hotel. They asked him to have the investment carried out, labour peace to be secured and to visit Skouries. The prime minister told them that the investment shall go ahead.

Source: Athens News Agency

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