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PM Samaras calls for drastic solutions to combat unemployment

PM Samaras

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras called for drastic solutions aimed at combating unemployment, which is responsible for social cohesion problems in certain countries, in comments he made in Brussels ahead of the European Council meeting.

“The biggest challenge facing Europe is unemployment, mainly youth unemployment,” the prime minister stated, adding that “in countries like Greece, unemployment has skyrocketed causing huge social cohesion problems. We should think creatively and try to find solutions and adopt drastic measures that can be implemented immediately.”

High youth unemployment is expected to dominate the meeting of European leaders, as well as action to restore liquidity in the Europe's economy.

Shortly before the summit officially begins, European leaders met European trade union organisations and employer unions for a briefing on action planned to boost youth employment. Unions and employers will present an action plan giving priority to training and the transitional period between school and the first professional experience in work and enterprise.

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) is demanding a plan for growth and employment financed by around 1-2 pct of the European Union's GDP, as well as an end to austerity policies. Employers, on their part, are demanding structural reforms and easier financing of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Based on the draft summit conclusions, the 27 EU member-states are encouraging a re-programming of any unallocated funds in EU structural funds, which are to be redirected toward vocational training and employment programmes targeting young people.

Source: Athens News Agency

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