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Filming/Photographing in Greece

Monday, 23 January 2012

Filming/photographing in public open space

The document suitable for general shots in public open space is named "Professional Facilities Administrative Document".  In order to obtain it you must contact the Press & Communications Office in Washington D.C. or New York, or send an e-mail to and state the following:

The information must be sent at least two weeks prior to the shooting.

  • The concept of the project.
  • The names of the media involved (TV network, production company, newspaper etc.)
  • Function and passport details (name, surname, father’s name, date of birth, passport number and passport expiration date) for every member of the crew.
  • Dates of arrival and departure.
  • Dates and locations of shooting in Greece.


  • The Professional Facilities Administrative Document does not grant general access to filming/photographing in Greece. For venues other than general open space, go to filming in restricted areas.
  • Media professionals from countries requiring a visa to enter Greece should ensure that their visa is issued in order to obtain the ‘professional facilities’ document.
  • Media professionals granted with a ‘professional facilities’ document must carry this document with them at all times, and be able to present it upon request.
  • Photographing and filming in outdoor non-restricted areas are allowed, provided that common decency is not offended and smooth traffic of pedestrians and vehicles is not obstructed. In addition, photographers and film crew should respect privacy and copyright issues and comply with the respective authorities’ recommendations.

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