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Filming/Photographing in Greece

Monday, 23 January 2012

Filming/photographing in Restricted Areas

Filming/ Photographing in border areas, military and harbor installations, airports, public transport, train, metro and other stations, churches, monasteries and other places of religious worship, schools, as well as underwater or aerial filming, requires a special permit. Do note that, in some locations, fees may be required.
In order to obtain the special permit, you must contact the Press & Communications Office in Washington D.C. or New York, or send an e-mail to and state the following:

The information must be sent at least two weeks prior to the shooting.

  • The concept of the project
  • The names of the media involved (TV network, production company, newspaper etc.)
  • Function and passport details (name, surname, father’s name, date of birth, passport number and passport expiration date) for every member of the crew
  • Dates of arrival and departure
  • Dates and locations of shooting in Greece.


Media professionals wishing to visit the Greek-Turkish land border and report on the illegal migration (Hellenic Police-FRONTEX Joint Operation ‘Poseidon Land’) should fill in the Press Request Form and send it to

Due to security reasons, media professionals are requested to abide to the following Media Rules.

Media Rules

Media rules are intended to cover the needs of news reporting while balancing operational security. Not respecting any of the following rules may result in the issued authorization being revoked.

(1) Media representatives are responsible for presenting to the competent authorities a) their own passports or identity cards b) press credentials and c) insurance coverage policy;
(2) Media representatives must sign a written statement that the Hellenic Ministry of Citizen’s Protection will not bare any responsibility should anything happen to the media representative or his equipment;
(3) Media representatives will not enter any restricted areas without an escort;
(4) Media representatives will not film or take photos of any restricted areas without a proper authorization and escort. Restricted military areas, facilities or installations will not be visually recorded without the expressed approval of the Hellenic Police Press Spokesman and Relevant Services;
(5) Media representatives must provide for an insurance coverage. This insurance policy must cover the specific land patrol stating that the Hellenic Ministry of Citizen’s Protection and FRONTEX will not be responsible should anything happen to the media representative or his equipment;
(6) Media representatives will be expected to follow instructions regarding activities and movements;
(7) Embargoes may be imposed to protect operational security. Embargoes will be lifted as soon as the operational security issue has passed;
(8) Visible light sources and infra-red devices, including flash or television lights, will not be used when operating with border guards at night unless specifically approved in advance. Likewise, media will follow tactical movement and noise discipline while covering operations;
(9) Communications equipment (such as cell phones) will not be specifically prohibited. However, border guards may impose temporary restrictions on electronic transmissions for operational security reasons and as the security situation dictates;
(10) Media representatives will not interview, photograph, film or report on RABIT deployment or joint operation POSEIDON LAND without prior approval of the Hellenic Police Press Spokesman and Relevant Services;
(11) Release of information must conform to these media ground rules.

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